Let’s ring in the new year with gratitude and intention! Check out our special holiday classes/schedule below;


9:30 AM Gentle Yoga (Level 1) with Allison

11:00 AM Vinyasa Flow (Level 2/3) with Kat

4:00 PM* Gratitude for the New Year (Open Level) with Michelle
Express gratitude for everything experienced, learned, & hope for the future. Let go of what no longer serves you as you open your heart to new intentions and possibilities in a heart & hip opening flow.

*please note time change for this day only


9:30-11:00 AM* Build Strength & Intention (Level 2) w/Shari & Tobi
The reset of a calendar year inspires many of us to reevaluate our past 365 days, decide what we liked, and decide where we want change or how we want to grow. Many of us set goals for the new year. Perhaps, in this new year, we shift from goal setting to creating a set of intentions. Intentions that focus on strengthening, cultivating and welcoming new opportunities for growth! Allow the wisdom of the last 12 months to kindle our path forward!

11:15 AM -12:30 PM* New Year’s YINspiration Class (Open Level) w/Naomi
Release old patterns and create new energetic pathways as you embody your intention for the New Year!

*please note time change for this day onl

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