Can you handstand? Do you WANT to handstand? This supported posture will get you there! Today's #TovamiPose is a L Handstand variation supported by the wall. This pose will get you familiar with how it feels to balance with all your weight in your hands.

Check out some of our favorite tips for this fun posture!

Tovami Quotes Aug 2019.png

#TovamiTip 1: Measure out the distance that your hands have to be from the wall by first sitting with your hips against the wall. Flex your feet and place your two blocks in line with the heels of your feet. Place your hands shoulder-width in line with those blocks. That's roughly how far your hands have to be from the wall.

#TovamiTip 2: Press strongly into the knuckles of your hands so that you take the pressure out of your wrists! Be careful of how long you're holding this posture and take breaks when you feel like you're sinking into your hands.

What are some of your favorite tips for this shape? Tell us at @tovamiyoga!