Jillian Tiburzi is our teacher of the month! To celebrate this amazing yogini, we will be featuring her favorite poses and some tips! Get more support exploring these poses and more with Jillian every Wednesday evening at 6 PM for Flow & Form (Level 1/2). Click here to register!

Sugarcane Pose

Sugarcane Pose is a variation of Half Moon Pose (ardha chandrasana). This pose is a standing balance pose that strengthens and lengthens the lower body as well as promotes core strength and opening across the torso.

#TovamiTip: enhance your balance by focusing your gaze on a steady point and engaging your core (pull your belly button towards your spine). To deepen the posture, actively kick your back leg into your back hand.

Wheel Pose


#TovamiTip from Jillian herself: when entering a backbend, be sure to mindfully enter and hold the posture from a safe and strong starting point. Focus on your breath and the experience that's going on in your body. When you focus on the sensations within the body, it takes you out of your mind and into the present, which is essential to your time spent on the mat. When you're ready to exit, take your time and on an exhale, lower yourself back to the ground.