This week's #TovamiPose is Crow!

Kakasana, or Crow Pose, as demonstrated by Tobi (who leads our featured class of the month), is one of the foundational arm balances in yoga. It teaches you alignment in arm balances as well as core engagement and lift. Here are some of our favorite tips to get you flying!

  • As usual, listen to your body and take any modifications that you need.

  • Get your knees as high up on your arms as possible! If your hips are tight, one handy tip is to use a block under your feet to ge the additional lift.

  • Draw in first, then lift up! Engage your abdominals and pull every body part towards the midline for engagement that will support you in this posture.

  • Press strongly into your hands and out of your shoulders. Lift lift lift!

  • Look and lean forward. It's going to feel like you're going to topple, but I promise you, it helps. Trust in your body.