This week's #TovamiPose is Headstand!! Sirsasana, or headstand (demonstrated here by Sue of @budding_buddhas) is often one of the first inversions taught in class and can be a tricky posture to take. As with all inversions, it is beneficial for circulation because gravity has an opposite effect when the body is upside down. Headstand is also all-around a great core strengthener and really pushes the student to be mindful of muscle engagement and body placement.

Here are some of our favorite tips for the king of all asanas!

  • As always, listen to your body and take any modifications that you need!

  • It can be helpful to do some core exercises before taking this posture so that your body is more familiar with the engagement.

  • A helpful way to begin practicing headstand is by practicing the variation where your knees are tucked into your chest (in an egg shape) and your hips are stacked on top of your shoulders.

  • Take the time to recognize what that alignment feels like in your body and be mindful to engage your core

  • Keep your legs active! Zip them together and send energy through by activating your quadriceps, glutes, and the muscles in your feet! - Press strongly into your forearms so that less pressure is on your neck and head.

  • B R E A T H E!

If you're comfortable with regular headstand, go ahead and take different variations with your legs! Have some fun with creativity and tag us in your photos with #TovamiPose!

InspirationJackie Alleva