In honor of our teacher of the month Liz Carr, this week's #TovamiPose is Corpse Pose!

Savasana is deceptive in appearance. Although it may look easy, for some, corpse pose is the most difficult of all poses! The art of relaxation can truly be a challenge, and that's why Savasana is essential in your practice. Here are some of our favorite tips for this multi-faceted pose! As usual, listen to your body and take any modifications that you need, whether that's putting an extra blanket down on top of your mat or using a bolster to elevate your feet, take the pose in any way that supports you.

  • Allow your body to rest in a neutral position with your body supported by the earth. Your feet can splay out slightly and your arms can rest to the side of your torso.

  • In the first few moments of Savasana, take a quick scan through your body and actively release any tension that you might be holding on to--relax your jaw, allow your tongue to soften, allow your eyes to sink heavily in their sockets

  • Breathe normally!

  • Remember that this is time for you! Allowing yourself to rest is just as important as putting the work in during the rest of the physical practice! Take this time to celebrate your body and your space!

InspirationJackie Alleva