The idea of a dream is amazing! A dream is exciting, enriching, tantalizing and inspiring! The implementation has far less sparkle when you are in the thick of your journey. There are demands, tests and obstacles that constantly help remind you of your true desire. If it gets too hard, is it worth the fight? If you are aligned with your true purpose then the answer is undoubtedly YES! There will always be someone to tell you that you can't - maybe that voice is you? One step guides you forward, the next step drops you back (on your butt). When your in your flow, these knocks and bruises mean less - It is all part of the process. Dreaming means believing, not beyond a shadow of a doubt (because there is always doubt), but believing with the heart of a warrior!

Click the link below to see an inspiring video about following your dreams. Much love!

InspirationTobi Kundid