Is it just us, or does arriving in Child's Pose feel like arriving at home?  

This week's #TovamiPose is Child's Pose!

Balasana, or Child's Pose, helps to stretch the hips, thighs, back and ankles while reducing stress and fatigue. It soothes the brain and centers the body, making it an extremely therapeutic posture. Child's Pose is commonly used as a counter-posture for backbends or inversions as it restores balance to the body. Some of our favorite tips for this shape are as follows:

  • Opening your knees as wide as your mat will allow your hips to sink lower and your pose to deepen

  • Actively reach through your fingertips to find more length in your spine (but of course, don't reach so much that you're stressing your shoulders)

  • Taking your hands in prayer and bending at the elbows as show in this photo furthers the stretch in the shoulders and triceps

  • Rolling up a blanket and tucking it behind the knees before getting into the posture will keep the knees from compressing too much if you have any injuries

  • Relax your jaw and unfurl your brows. Take this time to check in with your breath and your body! 

As always, do what's best for your body in the moment.

InspirationJackie Alleva