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CLASs OF THE MONTH: yin yoga
tuesdays, 11:00 am

Yin Yoga is a meditative practice that melts away tension by targeting connective tissues, organs and meridians of the body. This inward practice is designed to hydrate tissues, joints and ligaments, enhance mobility and release energetic blockages. Poses are held longer in a yin practice with more time for reflection and discovery.

This class is taught by this month’s featured teacher, Naomi Norman, and open to students of all levels. Options are offered to suit each student's unique anatomy and ability.


teacher training begins september 17
rys 200 hr program

Our teacher training is designed to integrate vinyasa flow with an emphasis on alignment and skillful sequencing. Whether you wish to become a teacher or deepen your own practice, our program will distinctively prepare you to flourish and be your best you!

There is still time to join our Yoga Teacher Training! This years program will be during the weekdays with some weekend workshops. We will offer both a teaching and non-teaching track, for those who want to expand their practice, but are not sure they want to teach. Get all the dates and details down below!


SEPT 21 | 1 PM - 7 PM SEPT 22 | 11 AM - 6 PM

Are you a school teacher, parent, yoga teacher, administrator, or social worker who would LOVE to bring mindfulness and yoga to young children?

Budding Buddhas Kids Yoga Teacher Training will teach you to cultivate mindfulness and thoughtful movement with children ages 2-10. All levels of yoga experience welcome!

The program provides space and opportunity for participants to build their knowledge and expertise of bringing yoga and mindfulness to children ages 2 - 10. Get more details here and register below!


INTRO TO Katonah Yoga®
WEDNESDAY| sept 25
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM

In this workshop you will be introduced to the theory and practice of Katonah Yoga® and how you can use it to gain personal insight and awareness. Learn how you can apply these techniques and principles to your life to help you find joy. Begin to explore metaphor, mapping, and pranayama.

Open to all levels of students and teachers who wish to deepen their understanding of the Katonah practice. This workshop is led by Melanie Hyman Tilles, who teaches our Katonah Flow class every Monday at 9:45 AM.

Cost: $30



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on yoga, wellness,meditation,mindfulness & more


Living Your True Purpose with Joyce Schroeder
sunday | september 22 | 2:00 - 5:00 PM

Living a life of purpose increases one's well-being.

Are you ready to connect with your authentic self and life purpose through meditation, art, journaling, and movement? This experiential workshop will guide you in finding your “why” and help you move with clear actions to achieve your goals. You will learn the benefits of goal setting and how Ability + Effort = Accomplishment.

This workshop is for people 17 and older.

"This class made me feel better than I thought. I learned more about myself and what I wanted.” - Lauren N.

"This was a wonderful workshop. I would recommend it to all my friends. It had the right mix of content and activity. I left feeling uplifted and ready to work on my action items.” - Kelsey A

Cost: $75


saturday | october 5 | 1:00 - 3:00 PM

The hip flexors, also known as the psoas, are one of the most important muscles in the body. Part muscle, part neuro-pathway, the psoas forms the foundation of our core and is the center of awareness and emotion.

Due to our culture and sedentary lifestyle, the hip flexor is chronically shortened, tight and dehydrated, affecting many aspects of our daily lives.

In this workshop, you will gain a better understanding and awareness through breath work, simple exercises (asana practice), and restorative poses, as we explore the function and structure of this mighty muscle!

Kamesh Peter Iocovello is a 500 E-RYT Yoga Teacher, Acharya, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Educator with over 20 years of experience in bodywork and wellness. He blends his extensive knowledge of biomechanics to facilitate physical and energetic healing and balance in the body. He is also the Co-Founder of Bronxville Wellness Sanctuary, a holistic spa, and a faculty member at ZenSpot Institute.

Cost: $40 by 9/27 | $45 after



Budding Buddhas Yoga & Mindfulness - For all ages

The benefits of yoga for kids are many, including increased focus and concentration, heightened body awareness and self-control, increased flexibility and strength. Yoga for kids helps ease stress and build confidence. It encourages children of all ages to create healthy habits for life.


If I could learn one thing each day, it would be how to love myself and others more fully. With yoga, we will all meet there.

Tovami means community - the name can't be found in a dictionary, nor does it have a country of origin, but has been created. A name to mean community, one letter, one idea, one person at a time. We see everyone as unique and special like Yoga. The focus for us is on building this beautiful yoga community, this "Tovami" honoring yoga as an ancient mindfulness art in our welcoming studio.



Tovami Yoga begins its Yoga Alliance registered and approved 200-hour teacher certification program September 17, 2019.

Our Alignment Based Hatha Yoga Vinyasa Program offers a variety of Westchester's long-time expert instructors/teachers, handpicked for their knowledge, compassion and ability to inspire. You will receive one-on-one instruction to equip yourself for your personal yoga journey, whether it be cultivating self-knowledge or an inspiring career as a teacher. From multimedia anatomy presentations to deep hands-on asana knowledge, meditation and ancient healing mudras, you will take a giant step towards your personal success and fulfillment. Plus, you’ll have FUN & connect with a wonderful, lighthearted community!


This month's Featured Yoga Teacher


Like our Yoga PractiTIoners, our Teacher's are fun & have a unique view that shines brightly throughout each of their classes. 

Our amazing teacher of the month is Naomi Norman! Naomi believes the practice of yoga can and should be accessible to everybody and every kind of body. Her approach is to guide you in moving safely and joyfully through your asana practice, with meticulous attention to alignment and breath. Beyond that, she hopes to open the door to show how a yoga practice on the mat can help transform your life off the mat. Here are a few quick Q&As about our #TovamiTribe member!

Q: Tell us a bit about how you found yoga?
A: When my younger daughter Anna (now 24) was about 6 months old, I found a local yoga studio that offered babysitting. I would schlep her (and my sleep-deprived body) to class once a week. The instructor was Iyengar trained, and she would hold us in down dog for what seemed like an eternity, while she nit-picked each student’s alignment. It was pure torture…and perfect training for a yoga-teacher-to-be. More importantly, it was an oasis of calm for a time when I had a toddler, a new baby and was taking care of a very ill mother. So yes, yoga saved me…then and now.

Q: What can someone expect when coming to your class?
A: My yin classes are an opportunity to quiet the mind and tune in to the wisdom of the body. Yin works on a very deep physical and spiritual level -- lengthening connective tissue and opening energetic pathways. Poses are held longer so there is more time for reflection and self-discovery. I love to share music, poetry and philosophy to add to the meditative quality of the practice.

Keep reading more about Naomi on the blog!


TUESDAYS, 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM



The Karma yogi is a work exchange program. your time for free yoga classes and studio discounts.

We are always interested in you! Please feel free to contact us to see if there are any Karma Yogi positions open today.

“The best way to lose yourself is to find yourself in the service of others”
— Mahatma Gandhi