4 Essential Yoga Tips For Glowing, Healthy Skin

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Despite your daily skincare routine, often, we all struggle with some skin issue from dryness to acne! Many factors can contribute to our skin misbehaving, and some of the most common issues include our diets, pollution in the environment and stress. Yoga, however, can be used as a tool in achieving beautiful skin!

1.     Hydrating your body before and after your practice

You’ve heard the advice for years, but one of the most important aspects to good skin is staying hydrated always! Although you may feel relaxed during a yoga class, you are pushing your body’s limits and it is working hard to support you. Ensuring that you enter your class feeling hydrated will leave you more prepared to have a more satisfying class.

2.     Increasing blood circulation with asanas

Make the most of your yoga class by focusing on certain poses that increase blood circulation to your face and head. Some poses that are extremely effective in doing so are the cobra pose, triangle pose and child pose. Next time you find yourself in one of these poses, take an extra second to breathe deeply and enjoy it.

3.     Cleansing after your practice

The first thing you should do after your session is to immediately cleanse your face with a gentle cleanser. During your session, your body is releasing toxins and you want to ensure that your skin is feeling just as refreshed as your body may be feeling. However, be weary not to strip your skin of natural oils. Stick to a gentle, light-weight cleanser followed by a gentle moisturizer with SPF if you will be out in the sun.

4.     Meditate

Possibly one of the greatest benefits of yoga is the feeling it evokes within ourselves. Yoga has the potential to make us feel relaxed and centered, and this is great for your skincare. Whether you are in the studio, or at home, taking just 10 minutes a day to mediate and destress can have a great benefit on how your skin looks.

In addition to making the most of your yoga practice, a visit to an experienced aesthetician, of Abadir Associates, will ensure that your skin is looking and feeling great year-round! Contact us today to schedule your first step in achieving the glowing, healthy skin!