Yoga during the change in seasons is essential. As we are still basking in the sunshine and prepping for the new roots of fall to come our way it is important to begin to connect on a deeper level with grounded postures. These types of postures are connected to our Muladhara Chakra (Sacral).

When we think of the summer, we think of beach days, vacations and summer romance but as the Fall makes its way into our lives we have to re-establish a sense of schedule and connection to what is around us, as well as within ourselves. This is the time most of us will re-establish our memberships at yoga studios or gyms. Not only does this act as a motivating factor but it also allows for us to find that communal connection that often gets lost during the summer months.

Here are five great postures to practice to get grounded and rooted into the new season and bring with you to your yoga studio!

For standing poses: 

  • Tadasana/Mountain pose is our most grounded pose and establishes the foundational alignment for all standing postures.
  • Vrkasana/Tree for really establishing those roots and even growing your branches! Besure to keep your foot above or below your knee joint.
  • Malasana/Seated squat really begins to open the hips as well as the heart if you let it and gives us an opportunity to practice vulnerability in a strong way!

For Seated poses:

  • It’s hard to beat the mother of all poses the padmasana/lotus pose (half lotus, or sukhasana/easy pose to modify)
  • Another goodie is baddha konasana/bound angle where the base of our body is our course of connection with all things grounded, including our minds!

Where ever you are physically or mentally coming back from, be sure to get rooted early and watch your practice bloom as the leaves fall and enjoy the beauty around you and within you!

Happy Autumn!