Why Do People Take a Teacher Training

Why Taking a Teacher Training Course is a good idea even if you don’t plan to teach!

There seems to have been a craze and then somewhat of a fad where tons of people suddenly wanted to quit their corporate jobs and become yoga teachers. In doing this they felt that the 200 hour would be everything they thought they needed to become an expert in the field. The truth is that the 200-hour is really more of an introduction to teaching and an exploration of a particular style. So here are some reasons you might consider taking a 200-hour even if you never plan to teach a yoga class in your life!

  1. Learn proper alignment in all foundational poses. No more wondering where your feet and arms go and why. This creates a safer and more knowledgeable practice for you deepening your physical understanding of the practice.
  2. Understand a variety of breaths, including when to use them, what the benefits are and how they change your practice. Chances are you know to breath in and out with your nose, why? And why are these other strange breaths brought into a class, certainly it isn’t just to make us feel silly. What are the benefits and should you be practicing them?
  3. Understand, in-depth, the backing of history and philosophy and how it is so ingrained in the practice. What are the 8-limbs? What are the Yamas and Niyamas and are you practicing them? Know why you should.
  4. Ever felt like you have no balance or maybe like you have 2-left feet? In teacher training you learn the anatomy of muscles bones and joints and how proper movement and mobility of them have everything to do with safety in each and every one of your postures. Learn how to move through your hip openers without tweaking the knee as you gain greater understanding of inner and outer rotation, extension and flexion as well as which should happen in each pose and why.
  5. Deepen your understanding of those sanskrit words, why they are said and the significance of their vibrations. Is chanting essential and what doe it truly mean to engage in “Om” in a class setting. 
  6. Understand the art of assisting and how it should feel to be touched in a class in a way that is with purpose and meant to affect physical connection to adjust alignment. 
  7. Undergo a journey of self exploration and get to know a tribe of people just like you. You may be surprised to see what you find out about yourself.
  8. Take on a bigger role with a studio you already love. Get the ins and outs of the business of yoga and why people have left their careers in corporate to do more soul seeking.
  9. Taking the training is a great way to get yourself to create more of a consistent practice without excuses like “ I don’t have time”. When you commit to it you are committing that time as “me time” back to yourself.  Essentially you have given yourself permission to be present and devoted to a deeper physical and spiritual journey.
  10. Gain greater confidence in your practice and the way you want to continue on your journey. Have a voice about the styles you like best and why. Learn how to clarify those point that confused you all this time to others so they can understand the benefits of the practice too. 

There are truly so many more reasons to move forward on exploring a 200-hr teacher training program even if you initial intention is that you don’t plan to teach.

Maybe it’s something you keep in your pocket for the future (your certification never runs out). Maybe it is something that creates a stronger backbone for you and deepens your commitment to a practice of your own.

Take advantage of the always present workshops which will allow you to sink your teeth and mind deeper into the knowledge of why you are doing what you are doing and how it will benefit you. Most of us come to the practice to a physical place and find eventually it’s no longer