Yoga is a practice of self-discipline (Tapas) and consistency. This sounds much easier when the weather isn’t so great and you can’t wait to throw your mat down in a warm studio. But what happens when the seasons change? 

The weather becomes warmer and the desire to take your time outdoors starts to push past the desire to walk into a studio. Often this leads to students finding themselves not maintaining their practice and consistency. There may even be a summer lull where the practice is lost entirely and it becomes that much harder to grab your mat in the fall and get back to the studio. We begin to fall into a state of fear. Fear that we won’t be as strong as we were, as flexible, as connected. 

So what do we do?

We take our practice outdoors and allow the added benefits of an outdoor practice to reinforce our current practice and maintain our self-discipline and consistency. Here are 5 cool benefits of taking your practice to the beach or park during the summer months!

1)   Balance on uneven terrain gives provides greater strength and stability.

2)  Breath work which embrace the scents of nature be it flowers, ocean, plants, etc allow the lungs to expand and our senses to become heightened.

3)  Connection with nature: its sounds, vibrations and deeper understanding that we are a part of a much larger collective universe. Practicing in nature also helps us to renew and replenish depleted energy.

4)  Sunshine increases serotonin in the body which improves mood and increases energy which is due to the nerve impulses which travel to the pineal gland. It decreases depression and helps the body increase its’ production of vitamin D.

5)  Greater body awareness when we are practicing by feel with no mirrors to look to for reassurance that out bodies “look right”. This enables us to practice with more awareness and less ego.

So now that you know how cool it is to take your practice outdoors; what are you waiting for? Find out more about Tovami Yoga’s Beach Yoga schedule for the Summer by clicking here: www.tovamiyoga.com and rest easy knowing you will be able to have the best of both worlds: the beauty and connection to nature and retaining the self discipline and consistency of your yoga practice! See you there and don’t forget your SPF!