Skidding to a STOP!

Mornings can be a time of great stress when you are trying to get two small people out of the door.  It's like herding cats. If there is a timeline, there are also pirouettes to be mastered, toys to be managed or some other seemingly irrelevant movement away from the goal...getting out of the house on time!  Most days, I've got it! I can say, "no honey, that is for later," or "brush your teeth now" a hundred times without too much exhaustion.  However, there is the occasion when I totally lose my [expletive] and yell! These moments are always regretful and yet they happen to my (and my children's) dismay.

In the car, on the way to our destination with Mommy in a tirade, my oldest daughter's sweet voice softly calls out, "Mommy, just breathe."  There was nowhere for me to go except to a  complete and screeching halt. This was my moment to practice what I preach!  How could I not follow the advice and guidance I give to these little people when they are melting down. All I said was, "okay honey, I will breathe." Soon, the entire car was taking long deep inhales and exhales as we rode along effortlessly. The energy had shifted and we were back on track.

We all lose our way. We forget to practice mindfulness, We get angry, frustrated, mad, tired and burnt out. The most priceless gift we have is the gift to listen, not just to hear, but to understand what is being said. It takes practice, but soon we can hear ourselves on a deeper level. As we hear ourselves we can hear others. When we listen we find compassion, then we return to mindfulness.